"The world is my womb
and my mother's womb
was my first world."

                                                            the facts of life, r.d. laing

  • Have you ever wondered what a baby experiences in childbirth? MotherBirth will show you.
  • Have you ever met someone who found birth to be pleasurable? In MotherBirth Sandy Taylor tells her compelling story of a natural, ecstatic, and orgasmic birth once the psychological impact of her own birth trauma and subsequent infertility was healed.
  • As a professional photographer, Sandy's first-hand account documents what's possible. Through the empowerment of having relived, witnessed, and photographed birth, bonding, and rebirthing, her experience and passion quite literally reveal the masterful way a deep loving mother-baby bond generates well-being and intuitive communication, a strong foundation for their future. This moving, sacred journey illustrates how a culture of welcoming mothers and babies holds the potential to transform our world:  one mother-baby at a time.  

MotherBirth is written for parents-to-be, infertile couples wishing to be pregnant and those who support them, as well as for women and men seeking peace, spiritual inspiration, and healing from trauma early in their lives.

"I was infertile until I had an out-of-body experience so powerful, it reversed the physical and emotional block that kept me from conceiving. One month afterward I was pregnant. Then, early in labor, I discovered a little known secret, how to transform what most women experience as pain into orgasmic pleasure. Along with my personal story and documentary photographs, I share what I've learned through my primal re-experiences about a baby's need for love and acceptance from conception through the first year of life and the consequences of early trauma, of not being wanted, or bonded. The good news is healing is possible. Knowing more about what the baby experiences and what it needs to become an empowered, happy, peaceful and compassionate human being from the start, we can create a culture that nurtures and supports the mother-baby pair."  - Sandy Taylor

  About the Author

Sandy Taylor is a renowned storyteller, multicultural arts educator, author, photojournalist and founder/director of the non-profit, Rainbow Child International. She has worked in peace education for all ages for nearly 30 years. For a full range of the programs she offers including the seminar, Restoring the Sacredness of Birth: Lessons from Multicultural Traditions, see the website, www.rainbowchild.com .


MotherBirth Summary

Most women never imagine that childbirth labor can be the source of ecstatic sexual pleasure. However, it can be as MotherBirth demonstrates through the author/photographer's own story, in her words, and with her photographs and illustrations. Her journey to consciousness and an increased sense of freedom and well-being, began with spontaneous memories of experiences in her mother's womb and continued through her shocking experience of being born. She related her fear of getting pregnant back to her own birth. Having moved through the physical-emotional block that kept her infertile - without medical assistance - she conceived within a month. Nine months later during delivery she experienced orgasmic pleasure throughout labor. This is a story of birth and rebirth, healing and making whole, reconnecting to the deepest part of ourselves and to our Divine nature.

The author's personal story is wrapped around, and infused, by a much larger and more significant story. It demonstrates the direct connection between creating a more peaceful world and making pregnancy, birth, and the in-arms period truly welcoming for the mother-baby. When life's beginnings from conception through the first year, are fraught with fear, the individual grows up with a pattern of distrust. The underlying sense of unworthiness erodes society perhaps as much as direct violence and self-abuse. The question is, "Must we be locked in perpetual suffering and denial of our feelings, numbing ourselves to avoid the pain?" That we can break the patterns of dysfunction, distrust, alienation, loneliness and self-pity in one generation, instead of passing them down from one generation to another, is the subject of this book. The candor and vulnerability of the author's story and images, invite readers to see their lives in a new light and to draw the connection between the personal and the social.

The author shares her vulnerability with the hope of awakening others to the incapacitating systems of birthing and parenting that have given rise to so many of society's problems. Human rape, assault, murder, poverty, physical and sexual abuse, addictions, environmental rape, environmental pollution, predatory capitalism, all have their roots in repressed psychological pain such as feelings of rejection, abandonment, powerlessness and fear that often begin during gestation, birth and the in-arms period. The late Dr. Frederick Wirth, author of Prenatal Parenting and Director of the Institute of Perinatal Education said, "Our personalities are completely molded from the time of conception up to two years." If we can effectively change the quality of those years allowing for a natural, non-violent continuum as expressed in MotherBirth, we can begin to recreate ourselves in an image of love and kindness.

Paradoxically, our uninvited inner monsters, when released therapeutically, naturally give rise to healing our feelings of separation and powerlessness, the roots of all fear, hatred and suffering. Where does this healing lead us? Back to the beginning, to an awareness of our connection to ourselves, one another, the universe and the Divine. That is the possibility of birth and rebirth.


    Reviews for
A Personal Journey of the Sacred and Sexual
Restoring the Power of Women for a Peaceful World

  "MotherBirth is an intensely personal account of the birth journey but is also rich with information. Sandy demonstrates a touching sensitivity from the babies' point of view. This book shows how sacred and connected motherbaby are and offers great insights on healing. This is an important book for all birth practitioners and parents." - Jan Tritten, mother of Midwifery Today Magazine

"Sandy Taylor has an understanding of the process of healing and transformation as few writers do. While this book is on the surface about the journey of healing birth, it is also much more than that. This book holds important keys for women about birthing, the feminine and becoming whole in our selves. Of course, for women on the journey into pregnancy, birth, motherhood, or adoption, it is a treasure, all the more profound because of the author's fine photographic heart and eye." - Suzanne Arms, author of Immaculate Deception, filmmaker, international speaker, founder of Birthing The Future.

"Thank you for sharing your transformative book, your own powerful journey with birth, your wisdom, warmth and poetry. It truly touched me and was a joy to read." - Debra Pascali-Bonaro, author, Orgasmic Birth

"This book helps bring us back to our roots: personally, as in Ms. Taylor's self-described psycho-spiritual journey, and biologically, in bringing to light how unnatural birth routines in our culture endanger babies, mothers, families, and quite possibly society as a whole. It should be read by anyone wanting to understand the complex issues between mind, body and spirit as they intertwine in the continuum of creation, birth, growth and development and the sexual reproductive cycle."  - Peggy Stone, CNM, Director Clinical Services, The Birth Center, Bryn Mawr, PA

"MotherBirth emotionally depicts the importance of a peaceful pregnancy which gives a child the marvelous gift of a peaceful mind. Changing the birth culture, as suggested here, can change our society. Peace on the earth begins before birth." - Fred Wirth, M.D., author Prenatal Parenting,  founder Institute for Prenatal Education 

"Sandy Taylor was ahead of her time thirty years ago when she conceived the idea for MotherBirth. And, she is still ahead of her time, but her work and personal story is a bridge for the rest of us to palpably understand that the mindset, stories, and experiences, consciously and unconsciously collected around the birth process, affect conception and giving birth. For women who wish to conceive, this book could be life altering."  - Susan Karol Martel, psychotherapist and co-author of The Fourth Trimester: On Becoming A Mother

"I found MotherBirth both provocative and profound. It had me think of my experiences both as a child and as a mother. Sandy's observations have a resonance with the mother/child in us all. When you have a child, in a way it's like raising yourself. The light that Sandy holds her son in as a 'child of God' is what all of us are longing for. The book powerfully captures the part of all of us that we have to evaluate when we have children." - Donna Smith, Events Coordinator, Jefferson Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

"This work really is an epiphany on childbirth and self-transformation." - John E. Graham, editor, Inner Traditions, Bear & Co. Publishers

"Loved your book. I found it incredibly moving and courageous and unique in its perspective." - Robin Grille, author, Parenting For A Peaceful World  (Longueville Media 2005)

"I was enormously pleased with the work!"   - Joseph Chilton Pearce, author, The Magical Child, The Magical Matures, Biology of Transcendence

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Video/Slide Presentation

Restoring the Sacredness of Birth: Lessons from Multicultural Traditions   With Sandy Taylor, Director of Rainbow Child International

In this video/slide presentation, photojournalist and author Sandy Taylor gives us reason to reassess standard practices and attitudes around conception, pregnancy, birth and infant care in America today. Taylor has woven together a panoply of examples from ancient and contemporary worlds along with her own personal experience.

Restoring the Sacredness of Birth is inspired by Taylor's recovery from trauma suffered during her own birth, subsequent pregnancy after years of infertility and the spiritually and sexually ecstatic delivery of her son more than thirty years ago. The presentation affirms the validity of birth traditions still observed globally among descendants of indigenous peoples of the Americas, Africa, New Zealand, India, and other ancient homelands.

With slides and film clips the presentation reveals the wisdom of traditional beliefs, practices and rituals related to: fertility, trust in maternal intuition, preventing birth complications, healing birth trauma, pre-natal through post-natal support of the mother-child by the family/community, soft solutions to common problems, pleasure during childbirth, communication with the fetus, bonding, etc. Viewers have a rare opportunity to witness highly pleasurable moments of an actual birth as lived by a modern couple, a traditional Mayan massage preparing a pregnant woman for birth, and an interview with Maori healer and midwife, Papa Joe, who claimed 50 percent success with infertility.

Taylor applies these ancient and traditional practices to new scientific findings, such as: the relationship of fear and pain, how the child's brain development is affected by the mother's emotional well-being, communication with the fetus in utero, the influence of the electromagnetic energy field of the mother's heart on maternal-infant bonding, and the acknowledgment that normal birthing is a sexual experience.

Seeing and hearing this presentation allows the audience to form a deep, timeless connection with all peoples through our common entry into this world: birth.


Rainbow Child International is a non-profit dedicated to peace through multicultural arts education and ecology.
Website: www.rainbowchild.com             






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